The Cicada Chamber Players is a group of New York based professional musicians dedicated to generating interest in chamber music by performing with promising young musicians in concerts to raise funds for important social causes and local charities.

"It all started with a simple wish.  I wanted my friend and New York Philharmonic colleague, Jon Deak to compose a chamber music piece for my sixtieth birthday.  The premier of Yamamba at Merkin Hall in New York City on January 24, 2007 marked the founding of what has become the Cicada Chamber Players and since then concerts to benefit local service organizations featuring talented young classical musicians have been performed in Portland, Maine and Nyack, New York.

The cicada seemed an apt metaphor for me coming from a long orchestral career into the chamber music world so why not the Cicada Chamber Players?  It has a nice ring and happens to be a prominently used metaphor in Chinese and Japanese poetry."
Bill Blossom

Cicada Chamber Players endeavors to celebrate all the arts at their concerts and with their recordings. Artists were asked to contribute paintings for the CD design. A local artist is usually asked to contribute a piece for the poster promoting the event. Often the commissioned music has a literary connection: Jon Deak's Yamamba (a noh play), Alvin Brehm's Night of the Four Moons from a Lorca poem, as well as pieces commissioned from composer Lei Liang based on T'ang Dynasty poets and a piece by artist/composer Deborah Mason based on another Lorca poem.

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